About Us


Top Miami Web Design Agency Focuses on All Internet Marketing Services and More!

Your web marketing company is located in Miami, Florida and has been around for 4.5 years (as of the writing of this web page – who knows when I will get around to making changes).

The agency is made up of the following people:

  • Agency Principal – Operational Management & Sales
  • 1 X SEO person
  • 1 X Social Media person
  • 1 x PPC person
  • 2 x Web Designers
  • 1 x Web Programmer
  • 1 x Videographer
  • 1 x Mobile Design & Marketing Specialist
  • 3- 5 Content Writers (depends on the month) There are web designers, social media experts, search engine optimization specialists under every rock on South Beach so if your only criteria in determining a job is price, DO NOT CONTACT US!

We are not the most expensive online advertising company in Miami, Florida but we will NEVER, EVER drop our prices or compete solely on price. Anyone who is a follower of Dan Kennedy will understand this business philosophy and if you’ve never heard of the guy OR you want the best results and basement prices, call my competitors, I’m sure they could use your business.

I make no apologies for my frankness. If you are a serious business owner looking to increase leads and ultimately sales using a proven, Internet Marketing agency, please call us.

South Beach Web Design Miami can help!

You can reach the principal of the agency at 305-972-3474 or Jaime@SouthBeachWebMarketing.com.