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So, you want to establish better connections with your prospects and clients? Great, social media is the way to go, so you’ve been told by friends, family, employees and anyone else with a Facebook account! With online trends changing every other day, what is the best social media communications vehicle for you and your business?

Facebook, Pinterest, You Tube, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin…. Where do you start and what is the optimal use of your time? Strategies considered effective 3 months ago are now thought be outdated. Search engines modify their algorithms regularly, social media platforms come and go and a few STICK! As a result, it is essential to consistently investigate changes on the internet and new trends.
If you want to build more interaction with your target market, then social media marketing may be the answer!

Why Does Your Business Need Social Media Marketing in Miami?

  • Everyone else (your competitors included) are doing it
  • This may NOT be a good reason to build your social media presence.
  • Just because it is a global phenomenon may not justify the money and most importantly TIME, you need to do it successfully.
  • Your overall strategy will determine if social media really is a good communications vehicle for your business.
  • It concentrates on advertising communication, branding, personalization and the social connections with your target audience.
  • You can fabricate buzz or hype for your online business, assuming you have the correct strategy.
  • You can showcase who you are and what you can do.
  • Word of mouth is viral, so is social media!
  • 80% of all adults in the US are using some form of social media daily.
  • Social Media is accessible and open to anyone.
  • Social media channels are easy to manipulate and user friendly.
  • Traditional advertising can be very expensive. On the other hand, social media advertising can be done for a fraction of the cost with MORE powerful results!
  • It helps your website rank faster, since Google now looks at social media signals to evaluate organic rankings.
  • Most customers visit social media sites anyways! Sites like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, You Tube and Linkedin.
  • Our approach is ADVISE you if social media makes sense and if yes, which platforms. Would Linkedin work best with a combination of You Tube video production and blogging. Or, is Facebook and Twitter the best options considering you can send out message to both at the same time. What is your product or service? How do people currently interact with your website? Would social media marketing make sense for your business? These are the questions we help answer BEFORE jumping into any strategy or tactical implementation.

Why should you hire us for your social media campaign?

  1. We can get you targeted fans.
  2. We invest time and dedication to communicate with your users and fans.
  3. We build lasting relationships that may result in business leads.
  4. We implement marketing strategies and tactics to increase traffic.
  5. We suggest methods to boost your traffic and sales.
  6. We will recommend unique promotions (ie. Contests) to engage more fans and increase the viral nature of your product or service.
  7. We improve your business’ reliability and credibility that undoubtedly provides better branding for your company.
  8. We believe in building a database with REAL, usable emails for you to market to in the future.
  9. We conduct surveys and a market research on what your customers want. We will use this to tweak our posts, links and other social media strategies.

How can our social media agency in Miami help YOU?

  • We listen to what your clients have to say and work on making things better.
  • We value what your customers think and take into consideration their suggestions to make your product better.
  • We avoid hard selling to your customers.
  • We focus on more fun, helpful ways for fans and friends to like, share and comment on our posts.
  • We interact with your fans and answer their queries.
  • We provide them our very own way of “customer service” through social media.
  • With our constant conversations and social interaction, people trust your brand and expertise more.
  • We establish trust among friends which can result to more customer recommendations.
  • Because of this, you have the chance to connect with other business owners or professionals who want to avail of your products or service.
  • Nine Methods to Evaluate the Social Media Health of Your Business

Allow us to share ten  crucial efficiency and performance signals and information why these may make a difference to your brand:

  1. Your Share of Voice: The quantity of mentions your brand gets against your competitors on the social web.Why It’s Important For You: Your Share of Voice could be an effective component of the consumer knowledge and understanding of your brand in comparison with your competition. This fundamentally displays how much of the social conversation your brand has gained or is presently earning.
  2. The Volume of Your Brand: The overall amount of brand mentions in a specific time frame.Why It’s Important For You: If you notice that the number is not increasing, then your strategy might not be effective. Keeping track of your brand volume weekly or monthly is recommended to measure the overall status of your presence on the social web.
  3. Engagement: The entire number of times a person speaks to your brand on the social web.Why It’s Important For You: You may be delivering the best contents, but if nobody takes the time to answer or react, then why continue? Social media means being engaged in discussions. The greater your fans or friends are involved, the much more likely they are to be devoted to your brand. They may also promote your services to their friends or followers as well.
  4. Post Socialization and Replies: The amount of responses or feedback you get on a particular status, post, photo or update.Why It’s Important For You: Just like when people engage and talk to your brand, the more attention a person gives your posts, the bigger the chance that they will listen to what you have to say and consider your brand as well.
  5. Sentiment Analysis: The procedure of identifying how your users, who often reply to your posts and discuss about your services, really think about your business.Why It’s Important For You: Some people say, publicity is good whether its negative or positive. However, it’s a no brainer that if your product is persistently being bashed through social media. If you get unbiased opinions from different users, this may be an indication that your marketing is not really making a big impression to people. Because of this, nobody would take the time to provide their thoughts.
  6. Your Click-Through Rate from Social Media: This is the measurement of how frequent a person clicks on the links you provide through social networking sites.Why It’s Important For You: Generally, driving traffic to your website is one of purpose of social media. Through this, you may gain more clients, leads and eventually, sales. The increase in the quantity of click-throughs is oftentimes a sign of a productive and appealing marketing strategy.
  7. Mentions by Influential Users: This is the amount or quantity of mentions done by users oftentimes marked as “influencers” because of the people who follow them or believe what they say.Why It’s Important For You: Having someone who is influential in social sites promote your business or brand is undoubtedly a very effective method to broaden your network and reach out to various groups. Given the fact that some users mention your brand or business because of your efficient strategies, promotions by influential social media users are believed to be more significant since they provide a more intense reach within your target audience.
  8. Social Platform Reach: This refers to the various social media sites that your business is visible in, also known as your reach in networking platforms.Why It’s Important For You: Your business may be a sizzling subject of conversations in certain forums, but your Facebook comments or Twitter mentions may be significantly lower. These are usually based on the social sites your consumers are using. For example, having a famous page in Pinterest would not really be beneficial if your business targets teenage males. This is because most Pinterest users are females.
  9. Mentions on Mobile Sites: This means the number of mobile social site mentions for your business.Why It’s Important For You: Social media users usually post their status or photos even if they are mobile. This is made possible due to various tablets and smartphones. If users do not bring your bran with them through their mobile applications, this may be an indication of being put aside. It is vital that your marketing strategy includes mobile codes, mobile coupons or any Android, Blackberry, iPhone or Windows compatible app.
  10. Regardless of all these metrics, it is vital to bear in mind that there isn’t any secret technique to transform you social media campaigns into money. The social web will continuously be a developing industry of information. Consumers prefer to speak genuinely and candidly with regards to their encounters and feedback on a certain service or company. With that being the case, they would choose to listen to what these brands have to say, using numerous channels to do so.

Make your move today and start connecting with your target audience through our social media Miami campaigns!
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